HFE on Board with HOPE: Your Power of Choice Can Be a Child’s Chance for Change


If you already purchase shakes and other supplements, can you say that children are benefiting from those purchases?

There are many opportunities to fill the needs of people around the world. With prayer at the top of my personal list, we can also impact others through our choices to clothe, feed, heal, protect and resolve. I have made a decision to always move Health and Fitness Enterprises into directions and ventures that will positively influence people to seek God and discover His purpose for us. In this spirit, Health and Fitness Enterprises will now be an independent distributor of EvolvHealth products and partner in the HOPE Movement to Help Other People Evolv through the “Buy 1, NOURISH 2™” message to “eradicate childhood malnutrition globally”, which is promoted by motivating people to Reboot their health.

evolv_black150 Evolv is a company that has taken on the mission to multi-dimensionally improve the lives of it’s members, consumers, and global community.

Evolv Health is dedicated to the Health & Well Being of every individual & their Families & Friends. Providing a family friendly environment that is safe for the whole family – products, service and support. We are a values driven organization. We honor God, Family, Country, & Business.

The Evolv mission is complimentary to my personal and professional mission to purposefully service the mind, body, spirit needs of people seeking health and fitness in a manner that shows love, respect, patience, and compassion. I’m excited to provide a product that will promote your health and be dedicated to a global cause for children.

How Evolv/HOPE will be incorporated into HFE

HFE will continue to promote real food for real results/change/health/longevity and supplements to SUPPLEMENT real food on irregular, off-routine days. Evolv’s integration will be purpose-driven to satisfy the need and desire to give back while providing you a tool to guide your success.

Reboot for Strategy

The Evolve Reboot Kit is a great compliment to step 1 of the HFE journey towards health and fitness independence- Strategic Solutions. Strategic Solutions is the starter program for all clients that lays the foundations for health and fitness by creating action plans to attain the habits needed to achieve independence. Reboot can REBOOT your nutritional needs and protect your progress until you have mastered the healthy eating phase of Strategic Solutions.

How is Reboot an asset to Strategic Solutions?evolvrebootkit

Reboot contains 6  health solutions that help you preserve your nutritional integrity even in the most hectic of schedules for an entire month.

evolv lifebarLifebarreboots fat burning hormones
easy to pack and implement

2014-07-12_15-40-18great taste
130 calories
quick snack/meal
no artificial sweeteners or flavors


derived from beet roots
decrease inflammatory markers
increase perceived energy


fixincrease ATP
decrease stress
no caffeine


increase ATP
replace energy drinks

evolve daily

immune health

 Once you have completed the Strategic Solutions program, you can use your most useful or favorite item to supplement your regular routine.

Evolv Gives Back

What makes me most excited about this venture is that for every 1 item purchased, 2 children are nourished. If you already purchase shakes and other supplements, can you say that children are benefiting from those purchases? Let’s keep the momentum moving on programs, ideas, and products that not only give us what we need, but also gives back to those IN need.

Melissa Lopez,
Owner, Melissa Lopez Health and Fitness Enterprises

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