Strategic Solutions- when nothing seems to work

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“I was on Weight Watchers and sis really well… and then it stopped.” “I bought the whole exercise video collection. I think we used it for the first 2 weeks.” “Yea, I have a gym membership. In the last 2 years I’ve been there day one and a few times after that.” “I was doing pretty good on those supplements…until I couldn’t afford it any longer; then it all fell apart.”

If any of these statements sound like you, then you can relate to the rat race fitness can sometimes become. But, what if I tell you that health, fitness, WHOLENESS is never a race, but a journey; a winding road of events through various sceneries? What if you could go down this road on an all terrain vehicle capable of handling any bump on the road rather than a speed bike that could lead to potential crash and burn from the slightest mistake?

Strategic Solutions focuses on obtaining a healthy lifestyle transition to achieve enduring wholeness. This affordable program is ideal for those who can’t figure out why they can’t stay on the fitness track.

Strategy sessions are used to discuss your initial health/fitness destinations and refine them so that they can be clearly defined and properly prioritized. Once your destination is established, your limiting factors and stumbling blocks are analyzed to create a plan of action. Examples include:

  • Battling the bulge
  • Feeling good to look good
  • Failed resolutions
  • Achieving despite adversity
  • Quit starting over…and over and over
  • Lifestyle Change


As a routine method for new clients

Strategic Solutions is’t just a program for those in a struggle, it also houses the beginning steps for the HFE holistic approach. New clients, in most cases, will enter the strategic solutions program for a period to better highlight potential underlying road blocks. Some road blocks can include:

  • planning around a hectic schedule
  • understanding the best approach
  • need for additional services in or outside of HFE
  • faulty planning/prepping
  • perception vs perspective


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