Top 5 Honesty Fails

‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is soo true…. for no one!  When a strategist/coach/trainer is working with only 70% of truth guess what- you get only 60-70% of the benefits. The professional cannot read your thoughts or generate a data sheet of your whole life history. All solutions are based on known information. Here are some fact fibs people frequently tell- and sometimes without even realizing it!

1. Yes, I stuck to my diet this week.

FACT: There were at least 2 deviating snacks. 2 pieces of candy or bites of junks food might seem like no big deal, but the truth is- it can throw your plan off by 50 to 400+ calories.


2. Yes, I went to the gym 3 days this week.

FACT: You went to the gym, walked on the treadmill for 5 minutes, talked to your friend for 15 min, squated 10 times, and did 20 crunches.  This is not 30-60 minutes of intense exercise. So, YES, you went to the gym, but the question is, did you exercise/workout? Expect at least 2 of these follow up questions: “What did you do? For how long? How many times? How much weight? How long was your total rest?”


3. Ok, got it!

FACT: Do you really? You forgot everything right after you said “it!”. Your professional will not have a problem repeating and rewording instruction until you fully understand your part. Always ask questions, clarify, and verify even for the smallest insecurity. Saying you have it when you really don’t is a waste of everyone’s time and effort (everyone includes you too).


4. I wasn’t sure if… [insert anything because they’re all fibs]

FACT: You were given contact information as well as general information in addition to your program information, but you took the easy way out. Face it- you are given all the information needed to be fail proof on your journey, but in a moment of weakness, you chose to claim ignorance. If you are truly unsure about something, you can use your resources, review your plan, or contact your professional. Fessing up to laziness, weakness, or a legitimate interruption is a way better approach for your professional. They always find out anyway.


5. I’ve tried everything! Nothing works.

FACT: DOUBLE FIB! It’s impossible to have tried everything- one. Two- you gave a few programs 50-65% effort, maybe even told some of the other fibs above and ended right where you started except with less time and resources. It is important that you are committed to and invested in your goals way before you have someone commit to and invest in you. This is why it is important that the habits and time management blocks are put into place first. Not properly preparing for a health/fitness goal is like opening a fire hose into your bathroom sink. Unless you prepare the sink with a deeper bowl and wider drain, it’s going to overflow and create more problems than what you had at the start. It’s commitment no matter how you slice it which means you will have to sacrifice the comfortable yet unimportant things in your life until you have the disciplines to enjoy them responsibly.

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