Health & Fitness independent: Update Interview with Amy

  • Health & Fitness independent: Update Interview with Amy
  • Health & Fitness independent: Update Interview with Amy
  • Health & Fitness independent: Update Interview with Amy
  • Health & Fitness independent: Update Interview with Amy

Amy is a mother of 2 who in 2013 decided to set a goal to reach her pre-baby #1 weight by the time her husband, Miguel, returned from boot camp for the US Army. You can read about that here. She did it and almost 4 years later she is at it again. Did she fall off? Well, actually- no. Miguel was deployed about 4 months ago and Amy got to work…again.

She needed my assistance for this new goal, but it wasn’t training she was after. She was planning a sexy photoshoot for her husband to celebrate their 9th wedding anniversary! She and her mom, Sheila (who could pass as her sister!), partnered up at the gym preparing for this moment. So what did she need me for?? Turns out this photoshoot was taking place in a local park and the co-star was his beloved Hayabusa. Yup, she only needed me to ride the bike to the location and back. Any other trainer would have been heart broken, but “Not I.”, said the strategist!

I have been dedicating my time to teaching and guiding people into becoming health and fitness independent. As far as I’m concerned, this is a compliment. Amy has embodied that message fully and continues to strengthen her will to live this lifestyle no matter the circumstances. She is an example for women, mothers, wives, and particularly army wives. Needless to say, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to see what she’s been up to and requested an interview (down below) after the shoot. Although she couldn’t share all of her photos (for obvious reasons), Amy allowed me to use a couple that show her maintained fitness. And for those of you wondering… motorcycle transport and photo shoot support will not be joining the list of services- so sorry.

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What has your reason for training back in 2013?

The reason why I was training was because my husband was leaving into the military, so it motivated me to become a healthy, outgoing mother/wife…just so that, you know, I could run a whole household by myself.

When you finished, you had lost about 18lbs. in 3 months, but you lost most of that weight after 1 month. What were your feelings after the initial month that made you want to continue for another 2 months?

Since I saw the results so quickly, it actually motivated me to keep going the extra couple of months because if I saw a difference in 1 month, I kept telling myself ‘Imagine adding on the extra time’. So, I just kept pushing to see how far my body would go and how quickly it would change.

Once he came home you relocated to Texas almost immediately, right?

Right, yes.

How did the move affect your routine?

It did throw me off just a little bit because now we’re talking about moving into a new house and getting the kids situated…and then you have to find a gym- you know, get back in the groove of things. But once I did get into the swing of things and finding a gym, I carried on.

Did you do anything with your diet or a little workout at home? Was there anything that you kept under control during that time of settling?

I did keep a very strict diet. Because I had to take off a little bit of time, I had to just make sure that my eating habits never changed. So, that was a big help once I did start going again. I didn’t have to worry about losing so much.

Tell me about transitioning from not being at the gym for so long to finally getting to the gym. Were there struggles, temptations to quit? 

It was a little bit intimidating to start going by yourself…you know, it’s a new area, you have nobody, no friends, no family, so a little bit intimidating… but my struggling part was when I couldn’t lift as heavy as I would like to. You do need a spotter so I kinda had to figure that out by myself- without hurting myself, but I did it.

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And how did you do it?

I made friends. I would ask somebody to just spot me….and of course they’re always going to say yes so,…that’s how I got my help [laughs].

In other words, you didn’t go back to square 1, you made it a point to find somebody who could meet you where you’re at and guide you from there.

Yes! Even though it was very intimidating, I just didn’t let that be a fear of mine. I stepped out of the box and I knew what I wanted and, you know, you have to take a big step to get to what you want. There’s no half-way step here- there’re no baby steps.

Once you joined the gym, how long did that stretch last and did you have a goal?

I was going for a year completely once I got there [to the gym]. I went for a whole year and my goal was just to maintain or add some muscle tone. I didn’t have weight to lose, I just wanted to tone up.

You continued for a year and stopped because you reached your goal or did something else happen?

I kept going and then after that we kept traveling back and forth from Florida to Texas depending on Miguel’s schedule.

You kept the diet that whole time? Is that what kept you going?

Yup. The diet was the major key.

What does your diet look like? Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks?

My typical breakfast is usually egg whites, I do 6 eggs. Sometimes I do 2 whole eggs with the 6 eggs and I do oatmeal and 1/2 a grapefruit. And for lunch I usually do brown rice and a source of protein, whether it’s fish or chicken, a salad, sweet potato…and then for dinner I always do a light dinner- some type of green and protein. I snack on nuts, protein shakes, I do rice cakes, peanut butter crackers…little things like that.

How much does your diet change when you are at the gym?

I eat more, I don’t eat differently. I do eat more, I find myself more hungry the more I workout

How soon after you stopped going, did you pick up again?

I picked it up right away because anytime I was here [in Florida], it was only for a couple of months. I usually only came for the summer time, and once I went back and settled back in and getting the kids back into school, I tried to pick up as soon as possible.

How many days a week does your gym routine entail?

Monday through Friday

How do you structure your sessions?

We always break it up so one day we’ll do legs. Like Monday if we do legs we’re just focusing on quads, the next time we do legs we focus on hamstrings, that’ll be like on Thursdays. We also do days for back and bi’s, chest and triceps, shoulders and traps…we try to focus on the muscles.

You’re saying “we”, at this time are you going with your husband?

No, with my mom.

So, whether you’re in Texas or Florida- you’re doing your gym thing.


Is this Miguel’s first deployment since bootcamp? 


How long is his deployment?

One year

What made you decide to go to the gym and then do a photo shoot?

Well the going to the gym, like I said, I want to be healthy for my family and also I want to look good for my husband when he comes back. I thought it was a good time. I’m very proud of my body, I’ve worked really hard for it, so I thought now would be a good time to see my goals and that everything is coming along very well. It’s a reminder to myself to keep going. It’ll be a nice little reminder every time I want to slack off or feel like having a cheat meal- I just look at those pictures [laughs]. Keep looking, keep it moving. [laughs]


Which anniversary is this?

My 9-year anniversary coming up.

What would you say was the best thing you took away from your 1 month training back in 2013?

All that weight! [laughs] I think it’s just the self-motivation. To tell myself ‘keep going you’ve been through worse’. Nothing compares to that very first time of stepping into the gym and really pushing through everything- the biggest accomplishment is your first month. You know you did it, that’s the hardest part, is walking through those doors for the first time. You’re only going to move forward from there if you keep going. So that’s how I see it. I did it, I was heavier, I lost weight, I’m not that weight anymore so, yeah, I should keep pushing forward.

What is your best advice to anyone who is in your “first shoes” walking in through the doors for the first time?

My advice would be…don’t be intimidated. You have your goals in your head of what you want to look like, what you want to accomplish- keep that. Let that be your motivation…don’t look at the person to the left or the right of you. You’re in your own tunnel. THAT’S IT.

And for someone who is in the middle of their journey and might be plateauing?

To always remember your goal. Any time you- there’s been times that I catch myself like I’m just, ‘I don’t want to look at the gym, I don’t want to think about weights”- I’m human, I go through those moments. But I try to tell myself ‘remember who you’re doing this for. You’re doing it for yourself, you’re doing it for family, and in the long run it’s going to be worth it.’

What’s your advice for people who are on the roller coaster and can’t be consistent?

My advice would be- don’t get discouraged. Life’s going to through many obstacles your way. I went through it, I moved all over the place and yes it does. It’s hard starting all over, but don’t let that discourage you and your vision of yourself. Take that time that you need, the break that you need, make sure you keep the healthy eating habits so you don’t fall too far off, and step in as soon as you can. Carry on.

So basically your saying it never stops. It might get slow, but it never stops.

No, it never stops.

Do you feel that becoming the healthiest and most fit that you can be has improved life with your family?

Oh yeah, for sure, for sure. I’m more active, I’m more willing to get up and do things that the kids want to do . I’m not just locked up in the house. When you’re unhappy with yourself, you don’t want to go out. You want to stay locked inside. I’m able to. I know I look good, I feel good, I’m able to go outside and enjoy my family… outside activities or whatever it may be.

Do you have any other fitness goals approaching other than general health and fitness?

More gains [laughs].

What’s your reason for wanting more gains?

I just want to be more toned…I feel like there’s always room for improvement.

Would you be interested in collaborating on a program just for Army wives to motivate them into staying active while their husbands are away? You know that’s a bit of a problem, right?

Oh, yeah. I know… I see it all the time. Or, they’re overweight and all they do is sit on the couch when they want to pop a DVD in, thinking ‘If I can do a workout at home it’s something.’ , but then they eat the same way and you don’t get results that way- I’m sorry.

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What’s your biggest message to Army wives? 

For Army wives it would just be to …you want to look your best for yourself because you want to be happy for yourself.

So basically, when your husband leaves, don’t fall apart. Life goes on and you have to keep going as if he were here.


Do you think that’s where the problem is?

Yes because people get comfortable, people get comfortable… especially when their husbands are gone. They’re thinking, ‘Ok I have time to relax.’, “I have time to sit back. He’s not gonna be here for another year.”. I could have done that, I could have been like, “He’s not going to see me for a whole year, I don’t have to eat, I don’t have to cook, I don’t have to – you know- do any of these things! Let me just sit back here and relax.” Yeah, but, you’re wasting time. You’re wasting time, he’s gonna be back. So think about it, instead of working out the last 3 months of him coming, before he gets here, why not workout the whole year? And, imagine what he’s going to see when he walks through that door? He’s going to be like, ‘Wow, you took care of yourself!’ That’s amazing [laughs].

In one word, describe your husband’s reaction when he came back from bootcamp in 2013…I know what he told me!

[laughing] ok this is PG right? [laughing some more] I think he was …I want to say he was probably amazed.

And what would you say is going to be his reaction when he sees your photos- THIS TIME?

[laughing] record? [laughing] He’s definitely going to be shocked because this is something that I’ve never done before…so…he’s really going to think, wow she went out of the box, she really thought about something I would like and went for it.


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