Fitness Training

*Onsite Fitness Training is avaisble to clients who have successfully completed a program or evaluation

Private or Partner Training

Train 1-on-1 with a trainer or 1-on-2 with a friend, spouse, or relative.


Live Video Fitness

Use a live video chat service like FaceTime, Google Hangout, or Skype for a convenient, safe, and effective workout session. Available for private and partner training.


Small Group Training

Training for 3-8 people with one trainer. Group should have similar goals (determined at assessment).


Group Fitness Training

Training for 10-30 people. Training follows the format of private training and accommodated for a group. This is not group exercise, which is conducted by a group fitness instructor and participants follow the movements of the instructor to music.

Unless otherwise noted, all sessions include:

  • onsite equipment set-up- removed when program is completed
  • proper warm-up
  • pre-exercise dynamic stretching
  • safe and effective workout (approximately 60 min., 30 min. sessions available)
  • proper cool down
  • periodic measures and assessments
  • monitoring and revision of meals
  • post-exercise guided stretch

Not included in video, partner, small group, or group fitness training:

  • post-exercise facilitated stretch (guided stretching is used instead)
  • post-exercise foam rolling