Market Picks Highlight: Freshfields Farm


With all of the modifications being made to our food, the line between eating right and eating healthy are bolder than ever. However, despite the segregation of “regular” foods and “healthy” foods, terms like “Non-GMO”, “Organic”, “Free Range”, “Cage Free”, “Farm Raised”, “No Antibiotics”, “No Hormones” etc. litter the supermarkets often making it difficult to make a confident purchase. At times you can’t help but wonder- “Did I choose the right one?”

Even a desire to live a “farm to table” lifestyle can get tricky when you then consider the processes for getting produce fresh to your table from the farm. Is it really farm to table or more like farm to warehouse-to truck-to truck-to warehouse… on and on? Thankfully there are local “mom and pop” establishments that strive to guarantee things like quality and freshness. Freshfields Farm is a family-owned market in Florida that began as a small local meat market in 1973. Since then, they have made several expansions to their store and products. Not just quality meat and produce, Freshfields Farm is committed to understanding their customers and serving them at their needs.

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How does Freshfields Farm satisfy your Mind, Body, Spirit needs?

  • Have peace of mind as you do your grocery shopping knowing that your health and budget are being cared for
  • Each experience teaches you which foods are in season and what organic really looks like
  • Discover all the different foods found locally and shop fresh
  • Quality food (fresh, natural, local) provides more health-boosting and fitness-preserving properties to your diet
  • Freshfields is a family-owned business that puts the  integrity of their values at the forefront
  • Their values allow them to commit to family, service, faith, and quality
  • The spirit of their mission can be felt throughout your shopping experience


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