Executive Order: Active Staff Initiative Program


It’s time to give the EXECUTIVE ORDER!globalisation-1014524_1920

Are you a fit and fab CEO that doesn’t have a staff to match? Or maybe you recognize that your staff is following your poor example of a healthy and fit lifestyle, which has been contributing to:
  • Lethargy
  • Apathy
  • Call outs/Sick days
  • Low Productivity
  • Decreased Creative or Critical Thinking
  • Low Energy Vibe
  • “Dragging in to work” mentality
  • Detached Workplace Environment
Then give the EXECUTIVE ORDER for your staff to become healthy and fit! You and your company can be represented by a staff that exudes energy, synergy, and dominance through the power of CHOICE and the longevity of CHANGE.

This customized program allows the progressive increase of health & fitness awareness, accountability, and guidance. Before beginning a program the following must be completed:
  1. Meeting with the Owner, CEO, President etc. or the person who is charged with representing and upholding the company’s mission to discuss desired outcomes.
  2. Survey of staff to identify needs and interests
  3. Reconvening with the company representative to merge the staff’s needs and interests to the company’s desired outcomes and mission.
  4. Program presentation for review
  5. Program acceptance and scheduling
  6. Launch date
Potential Program Services
Workshop/SeminarĀ topics:
Health and Productivity
Basic Health and Fitness
Setting Goals for a Lifetime
Developing the Leader in You
Fitness/Coaching Programs:
6-week Fit Walk
10,000 steps challenges
Strategic Solutions
Game Changer
weigh-in’s and assessments
follow-up sessions

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