Community Hope Center of Osceola County


The Community Hope Center of Osceola County (CHC)is:

… a program-based project that impacts the low-income, poverty level families and individuals living in and around Osceola County, Florida. The primary emphasis is to assist those living homeless or in motels and hotels along Osceola County’s 192 Corridor. This program restores dignity and self-sufficiency to those in need in our community through a holistic approach to case management, funds assistance, and life skills. The program is intended to provide gap services to clients that other agencies are not currently providing. The organization exists as a result of a collaborative effort between local churches, social services agencies, Osceola County, the city governments, and community businesses. Our key partners include Community Presbyterian Church of Celebration, Osceola Council on Aging, Park Place Behavioral Health, Community Vision, Florida Hospital of Celebration, the City of Kissimmee, and Osceola County Human Services.

Health and Fitness Enterprises is joining in on this mission by adding to and supporting life skills-based programming at CHC, primarily bringing awareness to balanced meals and helping these families remain healthy during their journey toward “dignity and self sufficiency”.  Here are some of the ways HFE is supporting CHC

Protein Drive at all unrelated HFE events

Food Bag Quick Tips Cards inserted into every food bag distributed that includes health and meal tips.

Tailored Events

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