5 Tips for Action Plan Accountability


Your action plan reflects your consultation and intake information and will be the road map for your program. Fail to take ACTION and it becomes just a plan. There’s nothing worse than wasted effort- oh wait, there is- TIME. Action plans are designed to keep you focused on what needs to get done now and what you need to prepare for. Time is a gift, not a luxury or right; once it has passed- it’s gone. You would be wise to “prioritize to maximize”. The closer to stay to your action plan, the more successful you are.

What to keep in mind:
  1. Remember that it is custom designed FOR YOU. Don’t compare your circumstances to anyone and it will be easy to remain focused.
  2. Become very familiar with your road map (action plan). Don’t wait for a coaching or strategy session to figure out where you should be or should have been.
  3. Keep regular feedback notes to be addressed during sessions. This will take care of all limitations early on.
  4. Remember your values- they are reasons that answer “WHY AM I” questions.
  5. Have your action plan saved or placed in key areas for easy reference (i.e. cell phone, refrigerator, work desk, night stand etc.).





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