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Client Quotes

  • 3 year-old sits and plays along the sides during her mother's 7am workout... With a tight all-teeth-showing smile she looks at me and says through biting teeth: "I don't want you here." Me: "Why?!" Little girl: "Because I want breakfast." Me: (dying to crack up) "Ok, go ahead and make breakfast." Little girl: (pauses, fixes her eyes to mine, drops her brow, STILL SMILING) slowly says... "MOMMY - MAKES - BREAKFAST"

  • Working out on the back patio and she starts to get winded... "You want to splash some water from the pool on your head, you think it's the heat?" "NO, I think it's YOU!"

  • I kept running because I can't let my body dictate my survival!

  • " I hate you at least once a day."

Top 5 Honesty Fails

‘What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is soo true…. for no one! ¬†When a strategist/coach/trainer is working with only 70% of truth guess what- you get only 60-70% of the benefits. The professional cannot read your thoughts or generate a data sheet of your whole life history. All solutions are based on known information. … Continue Reading